Our very special Sonnenstatter breakfast

Our rich breakfast buffet consists mainly of homemade products from our farm. The milk of our cows goes right to the centrifuge, while it is still warm. There, it is “separated” – about 10% of valuable cream is obtained that way – 90% skimmed milk is for the calves and the pigs. Some cream is for the coffee, but we use most of it to make our golden yellow butter. Yogurt, curd, mozzarella and whey is what we make of our cow’s milk, apart from milk and buttermilk, of course. Our chicken do the best they can to provide us with fresh eggs every day. Our local butcher makes bacon, ham and sausages from our own healthy livestock. We take care, that the products that we need to purchase in addition, are all from local manufacturers, e.g. rolls, fruits and vegetables, honey, raw milk cheese and coffee. But of course, you can also have cereals, muesli and Nutella.

On our farm, you can enjoy your breakfast almost anywhere: During the summer in the garden, on the patio in front of the house, on your balcony and during the winter in your cozy flat or in our breakfast room next to the open fire place.

Sometimes, it’s a little bit cramped, like it was in the old days, talk to the landlord and the people sitting next to you in the early morning, and be happy that everything isn’t so modern, fine and dressed-up, but rather traditional, genuine and a little bit rustic.

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