We farm a little more than 20 hectares (including lease) as pasture farmland. That means pastures for the summer and meadows to make hay for the winter. For today’s standards, we are a rather small farm and we view ourselves as self-sustaining farmers for our guests. Nonetheless, we take our work very seriously, because it’s about the production of high-quality and all-natural food. It’s because of our manageable size that interested guests can be involved in our everyday work.

At the moment, we are converting our livestock from Simmentaler Cattle to the more extensive Tyrolean Grey Cattle, as this race is more ideal for our steep pastures. We also intend to increase our stock of Scottish Highland Cattle. Apart from the cattle, it’s mainly the cold blood horses (we breed a race called “Süddeutsches Kaltblut) that make the look of the stables. In the summer time, there are always some pigs and lots of poultry on the farm.

About 15 hectares of forest cover our annual need for firewood that we use for heating and warm water.
The products of our in-house distillery guarantee “Inner warmth”.

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